Why do people go Mountain Biking

Posted by in Sports News on Oct 8, 2011

We all love bikes, right, what is not to like about them, I mean, you go to work with the bike or to the school – and you enjoy it. Yeah, it is easy when you are riding on straight roads, but have you ever tried the mountain biking thing?
Cycling on your mountainbike without the roads, climbing on the mountains on your bike and coming down, hoping in the same time – hm… Will you have all of your limbs when you come down? Of course you will, it’s fun! You can bike with your mountain “animal” not only on mountains, urban areas are good to! But the same thing about your limbs apply. Mountain biking is popular and lots of people drive their mountain bikes every day, not just for sports, but for work to! But the same people forget that mountain bikes are made for heavy fields and are not to comfortable as city bikes. But some owners find them comfortable enough for normal usage.
History of mountain biking has begun in the 1970’s in the United States of America, in California, Maine.A group of adrenaline fans shared passion on driving their bikes through the inaccessible areas and they had to adapt their bikes for that kind of driving. And that was the situation where mountain biking was born and today people from all around the globe love this kind of adventurous bike driving. While mountain biking it is very important to make sure you are safe and secure, so keep in mind that a helmet is a must have item for every mountain biker because driving your bike without it is very dangerous . Glasses can protect your eyes from bugs, dust in the wind and the actual wind, and when it comes to knee and elbow caps, they protect your body, but they can also negatively influence your biking performance. Some bikers also wear suites of armor, but they are being worn mainly on contests. Bikers can also wear elastic pants, with shirts jackets and gloves made out of fabrics that protect the biker from the wind, sun, rain and cold.
Mountain biking contests are interesting because no one can help a mountain bike owner when he breaks the bike and has to fix it. The mountain biker must repair the bike himself and continue the race.
That kind of approach to biking is very interesting and rare, but it keeps the mountain biking spirit alive as it was meant to be in the beginning. Visit MiCycles for Mountain Bikes BMX Bikes, Road Cycles and more.

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